Welcome to Gospel Start publishing

Since 1990 Gospel Start Publishing (together with Svenska Gospelverkstaden)
has produced choir materials such as sheet music, printed piano arrangements and CDs helping choirs to sing African American Gospel Music. 

We apologize for the website being in Swedish.
However don't let that stop you from ordering books and CDs or get back to us with any kind of questions regarding Gospel Choir singing and repertoire. We ship all over Europe and the
rest of the world. You place all the orders in the "Butik" (Shop). Basically all the songs are in english beside the two books "Gospel på Svenska" 1 & 2 (Gospel in Swedish).           

Each notmaterial consists of a number of complementary parts:

Sheet music choir (Nothäfte):
Scores for SATB choir and chord analysis.

Piano-/study book (piano-/ studiehäfte):
Printed piano arrangements of all songs in each book, and, in Study Book, warm up excercises, singing tips and comments to songs (only in swedish so far).

Music CD / CD:
Recording with the songs in the concert version.

Part CD (Stäm-CD):
CD with piano accompaniment and each part separately sung.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at order@gospelstart.se